New design for eyeless jack
I know the anatomy isn’t very good but I’m pleased with the results, hope u guys like this too! :D

I feel accomplished even though I didn’t do a thing today. :)

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Random creatures

Heichou sketch!
This is the first time I’ve ever drawn him an I’m in love with the results! I love this show so much and I want more after watching the first season!
Well hope u like this! :D

Another vash the stampede drawing
This was a simple one but came out great, I love the results in this one!

Character Imp
First pic is the original, second pic is the inverse color
Character and art belongs to me


this is probably one of the best posts i’ve ever seen

I love this! XD


Owl Helps Guy Draw on Tablet [ video ]

Does anyone know where I can get one cuz this is just adorable!


Myuuji is hella fucking talented pass it on.

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Lots of recent artwork